It all started at a jam in McMinnville, OR when guitar-laden Gary Markham belted out the traditional three songs. A woman in the audience intrigued by Gary's vocal range asked him if he had a band. When he replied, "Not really," the stranger immediately responded, "Let's form one." 

Fast Forward three years and you'll find SUREFIRE rocking out classic hits by a plethora of artists from a variety of genres at private parties, wineries, clubs and other live music venues throughout the Portland-metro and Salem areas, the Oregon coast, and Vancouver, WA. "They cover a lot of major bands!" SUREFIRE has heard some form of that statement numerous times, and they love it! The band feeds from the crowd's energy and loves to see the dance floor packed while they perform songs from the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jimmy Buffet, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Tom Petty, Matchbox 20, Huey Lewis, The Doobie Brothers and so, so much more great artists. 

Gary and bandmates Wyatt Richter, Jim Lowells, and Dan von Trapp have performed at the Willamette Valley Vineyards' 30th and 31st Annual Grape Stomp, Yamhill County Fair, The Oregon State Fair Garden Stage, Tigard Music Fest, McMinnville Music Fest, Newberg's Summerfest and Mill City annual Fourth of July celebration. The band's also made strong relationships along the way and perform regularly at several venues and amazing wineries. And that stranger? She's SUREFIRE'S manager Florian Raqueño, who had zero contacts in the music industry when she met Gary that fateful evening. Florian now owns a productions company specializing in events, and continues connection with venues and artists all for the love of music and community. Florian will always credit SUREFIRE for her start in the music industry. 

Gary Markham

Lead Vocalist, Guitar

 Gary is the "Front Man" of SureFire, and is a multi-instrumentalist, currently concentrating on guitar, harmonica and piano.

Gary’s motto expresses his love and feelings for music: “Life is a song, I just help with the notes.”

Wyatt Richter

Lead Guitarist,Vocals

Wyatt still remembers the first time he heard Van Halen on the radio while going to school on an early morning in 1978, and decided - right then and there - to pick up guitar, and he's been at it ever since. 

"I never want to miss those opportunities to love and play music with my friends."

Dan von trapp


Besides his passion for helping people find their dream homes, Dan loves music. He learned to play the drums at age 12, and fuels his fervor by teaching and playing in bands through the years both for fun and professionally. He played for The Boomers, a classic rock cover band from Salem for 12 years until the band retired in 2020. He was also the drummer for The Leanne McLellan Band, performing an eclectic blend of classic rock with some jazz, pop, and blues. 

“I love (SureFire) and I’m looking forward to rocking the NW with the band!”